Insula Ovinium II

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Insula Ovinium

“Peregrination Extraordinaire”

Hogarth House

1st – -31st May 2005

Peter Ainsworth, Brigette Ashton, Georgina Batty, Kiki Benzon, Sumer Erek,Jeanine Woollard, Wendy Lewis, David Medalla, Mmmmm, Nicole Mollett, Charlotte Moth, Adam Nankervis, Cyril Lepetit, Andrew Pomphery, Marko Stepanov, Kit Wingate.

Choking from the fumes of the London art world, fifteen artists escape the big smoke to breathe the fine sea breeze of the Isle of Sheppey. In the spirit of William Hogarth’s 1732 peregrination to the island, they explore this still notorious hotbed of smugglers, wide boys and two penny arcades to unveil the beauty of this little oyster. To mark the 273 anniversary of the peregrination the works from Insula Ovinium are exhibited alongside William Hogarth’s original prints. The art encompasses a broad dimension of media from Peter Ainsworth’s photographs of concrete beach landscapes, to Wendy Lewis’s replica weed, and to Charlotte Moth’s videos of Birds from the Isle of Sheppey. Common ground exists in the fact that all the artists took inspiration from their journey to Sheppey, and Hogarth’s defiant attitude in his original Frolic. To accompany the show a limited edition book of the artists’ accounts, which includes a unique interpretation by Jenny Uglow, will be for sale at Hogarth House. Supported by CIP and Hogarth Gin Ltd. Performances by artist group Mmmmm, David Medalla, and Adam Nankervis throughout the event. Traditional English buffet plus Hogarth Gin refreshments courtesy of Halewood International will be served. Hogarth House, Hogarth Lane, Chiswick West London W4 2QN (0208 994 6757) Tue-Fridays 1-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays 1-6pm Turnham Green , District Line